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Autoresponders is a free addon powered by WPDigiPro plugin so, you don’t require any license key to use it.
Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you’ll see below screen in settings area. This addon plugin comes with 15 powerful autoresponders to use.

Go to Dashboard > WPDigiPro > Settings > Autoresponders


Step 1: Hover on the Autoresponder that you want to configure. If you already have an account click on Add Configuration, else to open a new account click on Create Account link.

Step 2: In the pop up add the required parameters and click on Submit button. Click on the Help icon on the right side of the popup in title blue strip to find the required parameters.
Note: Parameters may differ for every autoresponders.

Click here to Check the Parameters Guide

Step 3: To assign autoresponder to product go to All Products and edit any of the product. Scroll down the page and go to Autoresponder Settings, here select your autoresponder and its list. When done update the page.

Note: Incase if you want to remove the configurations, then click on the bin icon. Now, you can also assign more than one autoresponder and list to the same product.


Note: You can also set a default Autoresponder and it’s list for all the products that you’ll create.


Common Installation Problem

“Are you sure you want to do this?”
If you get the “Are you sure you want to do this” message when installing any .zip file via WordPress, it means you have an upload file size limit. Install the plugin via FTP if this happens, or ask your hosting company to increase the limit.

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