How can I add buy now links and protect 1 specific page using WPDigiPro?

Assuming you already have a product and sales page before using WPDigiPro. Check the below guide on how you can save your time by not creating another sales page.

Step 1: Go to your admin dashboard and click on “Add New” Menu link under “WPDigiPro” menu as shown below:



–  Scroll down and add price of your FORM calculator(Product) in “Price Settings” as shown below:


– Hit the Publish button, once you have added the price and made the changes as needed.


– After this, page will reload and you will see a BUY NOW link as shown below.


Step 2: Now COPY THIS LINK and LINK it TO YOUR SALES page’s BUY NOW Button and check the last step carefully.


Step 3: Go and click on EDIT PAGE of any of your pages, which you want to be accessible by the buyers of the product which you have created above. On the right corner of the page you’ll see PAGE VIEW FOR MEMBERS sections as shown below. Here, just select the product which we have just created. Do not forget to check “Accessible to buyers of” checkbox and UPDATE the page.

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