Updater Code (Theme)

Step 1: Click here to download this zip file which contains the updater code.
Step 2: Unzip the files and place wpdigipro-update-checker.php  file inside your theme’s root folder.
Step 3: Now open your theme’s functions.php file and add following lines at the top of it.

if(!class_exists('WPDigiPro_Theme_Update_Checker')):require_once('wpdigipro-update-checker.php');endif; // updater file require

$wpdigipro_request_update = array(
    'remote_url'    =>  'https://wpdigipro.com',	// REMOTE URL
    'reference_id'  =>  997,				// WPDigiPro Product ID
$wpdigipro_theme_update_checker = new WPDigiPro_Theme_Update_Checker($wpdigipro_request_update, basename(get_template_directory()));

Step 4: In your text editor change the two variables as shown below.

i) remote_url: if your website URL is yourwebsitedomain.com, then you need to place it in this variable.

ii) reference_id: This is the product ID of your product. If it’s 21, place it as shown below.


How do you find product ID?
It’s simple.
1. Click on all products.
2. Mouse hover on the EDIT link of the product whose product ID you want. Then click on EDIT link. You will find the product ID in the URL of your browser. So, if the URL comes as:
then 21 is the product ID.

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