How to lock pages for non-buyers access?

Go to Dashboard > Pages > Edit any page.

You’ll find below two additional options on your right side of the page.

Page View for Members

This option allows you to show a particular page to the buyers of selected products only. Rest of the buyers who has not purchased the selected product will not have access to this page. Select the product here, who’s buyer should be able to view this particular page.


Once the product is assigned. Go to MENUS and assign this page to the WPDigiPro Dashboard Menu.

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menu > Edit WPDigiPro Dashboard Menu

Check the Most Recent tab on your left screen, the page that you have recently edited/added will be listed here. Add that page to Menu and click on Save Menu button. Now, this page will be visible to the buyers after specific time only.


Edit Page


Dashboard View

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