How to setup subscription/recurring based product?


Go to your admin dashboard and click on “Add New” Menu link under “WPDigiPro” menu as shown below:


You can set the product price to One Time Payment, Recurring Payment, Adaptive Payment or Preapproved Payment from Price Option under Price Settings. Here select Recurring as shown in the below screenshot.

  • You can assign First Initial Price, Recurring period for years, months, weeks and for days.
  • Under Price after 1st Payment option, set up the price which a buyer should be charged in his/her second period.
  • Based on the above example Total Billing Cycles indicates that the buyer can maximum pay up to 5 cycles only. Once the billing cycle is over, access to this product will be revoked from buyers dashboard.


Make sure after configuring the entire product page. The product BUY NOW link is linked with the actual BUY NOW link of your sales page.



  • Recurring payment works with PayPal only. So, make sure you are using PayPal payment gateway.
  • Just in case if the buyer cancel the recurring payment from his PayPal account, then the access to his purchased product will be disabled from his/her dashboard area.


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