Create a New Product

Login to your JVShare account and you’ll be redirected on the Dashboard.

Follow below steps to create a new product.

Step-1: Go to Vendor > My Product. Once a product is added, it will be listed here.


Step-2: To create a new product click on New Product button and fill all the required details.


Step-3: Complete all the five steps and at the end of it you’ll find Affiliate Link. Click on Continue button to view your affiliate details or click on the Copy Link button to copy the affiliate link.


Once all the steps are being followed, you’ll find this newly created product added to My Products on dashboard. The status of this product will be Inactive, which means it’s yet to be approved by the admin and there are other settings that needs to be configured.


How To Activate New Product

After adding a new product you’ll find the product status to Inactive because the product is not approved yet. Follow below steps to Activate the product.

Step-1:  Go to Product List find your product and click the product name. Here, you’ll find several options. First click on the Content URL or File link. (see the below screenshot)


Once clicked, you’ll find a popup where you need to assign delivery file URL/path. When done, click on Save button.


Step-2: Now, click on Create Page link.

Here, you need to create a new funnel and assign a frontpage URL.


Under standalone sales settings you can create buynow buttons, when created you’ll find a code to use this buttons.


Click on the Generate code button and in a popup you’ll find the code. Copy it and place it across your website in any page.


Step-3: Go to IPN URL link in the same product that you are configuring. (See the below screenshots)

Make sure you keep the settings as shown below.
Select Mode : Compatibility Mode 1
Refund call : Turned On
Secret Key: You can add a unique secret key here. (Note: Secret Key must have only 16 characters)
IPN Notification URL : This can be found under your WPDigiPro Products that you have earlier crated or will create.

Once all the settings are configured click on Update IPN Settings button.


Step-4: Final step will be to click on Submit for Approval link.



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