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PayPal Preapproved is a paid addon powered by WPDigiPro plugin so, you have to activate the license key first to use it.

Go to Dashboard > WPDigiPro > Settings > Add-on Licenses. Add the license key & activate the addon.


To access the plugin Go to Dashboard > WPDigiPro > Settings > Payment Gateways > PayPal Preapproved Payment.

  1. Deactive – If you don’t want to use this Addon.
  2. Live – For normal usage. Make sure you have selected PayPal Live option.
  3. Test – Recommended for testing purpose only. Make sure you have selected PayPal Sandbox option.


This plugin is useful to setup Preapproved payment from buyer, which means he/she’ll be charged after certain number of days which you’ll define on your product page. Preapproved payments include recurring payments, subscriptions, automatic billings or installment plans.

E.g For this product the preapproval period is set to 7 days, which means user will be charged from his PayPal account after 7 days.


  • If you are using this addon then make sure you have configured your PayPal with PayPal API method and not with PayPal Standard method for Live & Sandbox both the accounts.
  • You can not assign more than 5 email ids/accounts due to PayPal’s strict guidelines.
  • Make sure the total of the split should be 100% for the email ids that you’ll add.
  • Incase, if the buyer cancel the preapproved payment, then his/her product license key will be automatically deactivated.
  • If you’ll select Test Mode then you don’t need to add APP ID, just use the PayPal Sandbox under PayPal pane.

To use a Live method you’ll need an APP ID, which can be found by visiting below link.

Login into your PayPal account and it’ll be redirected below page where you’ll find a New application button, which will generate an APP ID for you.



Common Installation Problem

“Are you sure you want to do this?”
If you get the “Are you sure you want to do this” message when installing any .zip file via WordPress, it means you have an upload file size limit. Install the plugin via FTP if this happens, or ask your hosting company to increase the limit.

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