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Tickets is a paid addon powered by WPDigiPro plugin so, you have to activate the license key first to use it.
Go to Dashboard > WPDigiPro > Settings > Add-on Licenses. Add the license key & activate the addon.

Once you have activated the addon you’ll find a new menu named Tickets on your dashboard.
Go to Dashboard > WPDigiPro > Tickets.

Tickets which will be created by users will be visible here. Click on the ticket title to open it. Your answers/replies to the questions/feedback will be directly visible on users dashboard under Helpdesk menu.

  • Every time a new ticket will be created or if it’s reopened you’ll see a notification in red next to Tickets menu on your dashboard.
  • You can check all of your closed tickets by clicking on Show Closed Tickets button.
  • Action column allows you to delete and close a ticket.
  • After writing your revert in editor if you’ll click on Close Ticket button it’ll send your reply to the user and the ticket will be marked close, while using Submit button the ticket will remain open.
  • You can attach files in the tickets, which will be downloaded by clicking on Download Attachment button.

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Common Installation Problems

“Are you sure you want to do this?”
If you get the “Are you sure you want to do this” message when installing any .zip file via WordPress, it means you have an upload file size limit. Install the plugin via FTP if this happens, or ask your hosting company to increase the limit.

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