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Explode your conversions with proven, AUTOMATED cart-abandonment reminders

Control & MAXIMIZE traffic with your own affiliate program and Zaxaa & Warrior Plus integration

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Coupons Plugin

Offer prospects a deal they can't refuse with coupons & discounts that turn "viewers" into BUYERS. PROVEN method to drive higher sales.


Package Plugin

Copy the secret of eCom leader Amazon and offer "bundles of products" for higher perceived value...now you can do it easily with this plugin that lets you combine multiple products into one... and effortlessly increase average order value.


Abandoned Cart Plugin

So many people leave money on the table by not reminding people when they've added a product to the cart, but not completed checkout. Turn MORE prospects into paying customers with this powerful tool that reminds people to complete the checkout process.



Affiliate System Plugin

Control your traffic with a CUSTOM affiliate program you can run right inside WPDigiPro. Easily attract quality affiliates that will send 100% free traffic to your offers.


Warrior Plus Plugin

Tap into the HUGE amount of traffic on the powerful Warrior + network by syncing your WPDigiPro to Warrior Plus.


Zaxaa Plugin

Zaxaa is a massive but largely UNTAPPED eCom platform that lets you promote your products to a huge audience. Use this plugin to expand your reach to even MORE customers!



Ticket Support Plugin

Let your customers easily create a support ticket WITHOUT logging into a separate site. By automating this process & making support EASY for your customers, you turn more buyers into LONG TERM customers.


SEVEN Ways To Drive Higher Profits

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