How it Started...

Our mission is to help you achieve freedom and prosperity as a Digital Entrepreneur.

Over 9 years ago, we started out on a mission to become entrepreneurs. We built our business and expertise around doing development work for WordPress sites and have become leading WordPress development experts, with the parent company Ommune IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

But what makes us unique is that from an outer appearance we may simply look like a specialized WordPress development company, but the reality is a lot of our success lies in our expertise as internet marketers.

What happened was we started going from selling our development services to selling digital goods. We recognized early on our potential was limited by just trading our time for money, instead we started selling WordPress themes, plugins and flipping websites.

WPDigiPro was built to meet our own needs as we started selling digital goods. Sure, we could have listed our products on other marketplaces, and we still do, but we wanted to build our own brand and business, and to keep within the WordPress ecosystem that we love so much. That meant having our own website where we could sell our products, and building it with WordPress.

WPDigiPro was really a system we used internally to sell digital products and naturally just evolved over the years as we built features to meet our business needs. When the solution was offered to the public it was quite evident that it was a something that others also needed. As such, we have dedicated our team to continuously evolve it to now meet the needs of our many customers.

Our team pictured below consists of people who stand for the very thing this platform is about. We are ambitious, motivated and talented individuals driven to be at the forefront of the new technological era and help our customers win in this new, fast-paced digital space. Say hi to our team anytime you like. Our offices are located in Toronto, Canada and Ahmedabad, India.

Meet Our Team

Santosh (CEO & Founder)

One Man Army

Mahival (Manager)

2 Men 1 Shell

Sanket (Developer)


Girin (Developer)

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Vijay (Developer)

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Arjun (Developer)

Rocket Launcher

Prakash (Front-end)

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Renish (Front-end)

Art Machine

Purva (Front-end)

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