WPDigiPro Core Features

Software Licenses Made Easy

Use license keys to protect your software and digital products. Control the creation and validity of the licenses from your dashboard.

Make Recurring Income

Charge products on a recurring basis. Earn money every week, month or year. You're just a few clicks away from a passive income business.

Automated Digital Product Delivery

Upload deliverable files with just a click of a button. Users get access to digital files they've purchased from their dashboard. Streamlined delivery for you success!

Integrated Autoresponders

With 14 autoresponders built right in, there's no need for stand-alone plugins. The platform intelligently sends emails when buyers purchase, need to renew, send support ticket inquiries, leaves their cart and more! Your business is truly on autopilot.

Place Your Buy Link Anywhere

Flexible product buy links can be placed anywhere. Buttons, text or even on third party websites. After the user purchases, redirect them to any page you like. Perfect for affiliates!

Click Tracking

With campaign and custom url creation, you can attribute clicks to actual product purchases. We've made ROI tracking easy so you can be profitable!


Generate visual reports and graphs from within your dashboard. You can view sales, break them out by dates and by product. Knowing your numbers is crucial to your success!

Customer Management

Manage buyer lists, order transactions, automated user account creation, User Dashboards, generated invoice, one-click refunds and more. We've automated the process of managing your customers so you can ensure customer satisfaction!

Additional Core Features

You don't need a single add-on to start selling

Multiple Payment Gateways

Give your customers multiple ways to pay to increase your sales.

Assign Trial Periods

Maximize conversions by giving prospects a chance to "try before they buy".

Restricted Members Access

Restrict certain pages based on membership access.

Download Link Protection

Ensure only paying customers get access to your content.

Custom Currency

Sell products in any currency to maximize sales based on location.

Email Notifications

WPDigiPro automatically sends customer receipts, login info, reminders and more using customizable templates to SAVE you time!

Unlimited Customers / Members

Zero restrictions or extra charges, ever!

Manual Payments

Make sales via wire transfer, or give reviewers free access.


Users can access a HelpDesk from their dashboard once logged in.

Custom Success Pages

Assign the page to open after a successful or failed payment

Pixel Management

Include FB, Adwords or ANY type of pixel code on your pages.


A handy button in the post visual editor lets you quickly insert shortcodes into a product, page or post

Language Ready

Ability to add different languages increases your market potential

WP MultiSite Compatible

WPDigiPro runs perfectly on the WordPress MultiSite platform.