WPDigiPro’s Core Features

Revolutionize Your Digital Product Business with WPDigiPro's Advanced Core Features.

Unlimited Customers / Members

You can sell your digital products to as many people as you want without worrying about any limitations.

Flexibility to grow and expand your business without any restrictions or limitations.

No additional fees or charges for unlimited customers/members

WPDigiPro Unlimited Customer

Custom Currency

Custom Currency allows businesses to sell their digital products in any currency of their choice, providing a seamless and convenient shopping experience for their customers.

Convenient shopping experience for customers worldwide

Simple setup process for custom currency options

Restricted Members Access

Restricted Members Access allows businesses to provide exclusive access to their digital products and content to selected members or customers, ensuring privacy and control over their digital assets.

Customizable access levels for different membership tiers.

Increased privacy and security for digital assets

WpdigiPro Restricted Members Access​
WPDigiPro Download Link Protection​

Download Link Protection

Download Link Protection ensures secure delivery of digital products by preventing unauthorized access and sharing of download links, protecting the business's revenue and digital assets.

Increased customer trust with secure and reliable product delivery.

Prevent unauthorized access and sharing of download links

Assign Trial Periods

Assign Trial Periods allows businesses to offer trial periods for their digital products to potential customers, providing a risk-free way to experience the product before committing to a purchase.

Risk-free experience for potential customers

Easy setup and customization options for trial periods.

WPDigiPro Assign Trial Periods​

Custom Success Pages

Custom Success Pages allows businesses to create personalized pages that customers are redirected to after a successful purchase, providing a branded and customized shopping experience.

Create personalized pages for successful purchases

Increased customer engagement and loyalty

WP Multisite Compatible

WP Multisite compatibility allows businesses to use the plugin on WordPress multisite networks, enabling them to manage multiple sites and digital products from a single dashboard.

Streamlined management and organization for businesses with multiple sites

Easy setup and customization options for multisite compatibility.

Additional Core Features

Email Notifications

WPDigiPro sends automated email notifications to customers as well as admin when a new order/email is created.

WPDIgiPro Manual-Payments icon

Manual Orders

This feature allows you to create an order for a customer without them having to go through the regular checkout process.

Suuports Google Tag Manager

A dedicated options to place GTM code in settings area to ensure you're capturing all the conversions etc. properly.


Several shortcodes are available for various functionality so that even a non-techie business owner can do basic customizations.

Language Ready

WPDigiPro is designed to be compatible with various translation plugins which makes it easy to translate the plugin's interface and other relevant texts into multiple languages.

Email Verification

This ensures only customers with valid email addresses can make purchases, reducing the risk of fraud and disputes. Email verification is done in real-time as customers enter their email addresses.

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