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Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

It’s Santosh here, the founders of WPDigiPro. If you do not have a proven system to sell, then you are bound to have a mediocre, challenging and unprofitable business. If you do not know what you’re doing in business, then you are playing with a time bomb that is ticking down, eventually annihilating your business, your self esteem and your life altogether.

From the Survey,

    In 2011, about $35.6 billion was spent on self-paced e-learning worldwide. In 2014, e-learning was a $56.2 billion industry, and that number hit $107 billion in 2015.

-15. in March 2016

    "E-learning market size was valued over $165 billion in 2015 and is likely to grow at over 5% from 2016 to 2023, exceeding USD 240 billion"

If you are looking for a profitable side hustle, creating and self-publishing courses might be a good idea.
- Forbes in February 2017

The e-learning market is already well over $165 billion dollars...
And expected to hit over $240 billion by 2023.

People EVERYWHERE are turning to the internet for answers, and the time to cash in has never been better than RIGHT NOW.

Your Slice Of A $240 BILLION Dollar Pie

To cash in on this booming industry, you just need ONE thing: something to sell.

The GOOD NEWS is you can still profit in this market even if you don’t have your own products.

There are unlimited private label rights and white label products you can sell as your very own … without spending a single MINUTE on product creation!

From eBooks, articles, videos and online training from sites like these:

To white label software products you can rebrand and sell as your own from sites like these:

There are literally HUNDREDS of thousands of products available right now that you can sell as your very own.

We're even going to show you how to find them...

We suggest using these as a starting point to get the cash flow going...

Then create & sell your own products to effortlessly build a lifestyle brand & business that pays you REGULAR income month after month.

Sounds Great, But How Do I SELL These Products For Profit?

The digital product market is competitive. You've got to have an edge. The secret the 6, 7 and 8 figure marketers are using?

A PROFESSIONAL platform that does the selling for them!

Face it: consumers buy from those they like and trust.

And there's no faster way to develop that trust than with a PROFESSIONAL site that identifies YOU as the authority.

When prospects view your top-level site, all objections are removed. You instantly become the authority in your niche.

People will buy - not just once, but over and again, because your sales platform stands out from the rest.

We've been using this specific platform for YEARS to sell digital products online. The results speak for themselves: ?

That's over $60,000 in sales from just one account...
In fact, we've used this platform to generate over $112,994 in just 10 months.

And Tapped Into MULTIPLE Income Streams:

  One-time product sales

  Recurring income from monthly/yearly membership sites

  Domain flipping for BIG windfall profits

  Selling business site development services to clients

Now YOU Can Do Exactly The Same Thing...

  With absolutely ZERO previous experience

  Without even having your own products

  And no need for expensive developers, coders or dozens of different platforms to make sales

There's UNLIMITED Income Potential In The Digital Product Industry

IF You Don't Fall For These Common Mistakes:

There are a LOT of platforms out there that will HAPPILY take your money to list your products for sale.

We know, because we've used them.

Clickbank is a huge source of digital product sales. But let's look at what happens when you sell YOUR products on that platform:

Here's an example:

Your product sells for $100. Clickbank purchases the product from you for $91.50 (92.5% of $100, minus a $1)

You have chosen to pay a commission of 50%, so 50% of the remainder goes to the referring affiliate, which equals $45.75.

You earn $45.75 on the sale.


Then there's Udemy, one of the world’s most popular e-learning sites. But it too comes with a SERIOUS cost:

Udemy is one of the most popular websites of its kind. It is completely free to use, but you have to give 50% to Udemy for each student it brings you.

- -, February 2017

Do you like the idea of giving up OVER 50% of your sales revenue just for the privilege of listing a product?

Not to mention, with Udemy your content has to be 100% unique - no option to resell other people's products...

And you'd better be sure to rebrand and update ANY PLR or white label products you want to sell on Clickbank, or they'll be refused fast.

The Solution? Keep 100% Of The Profits From EVERY Sale!

Why give away over half of your profits when you don't have to?
Just use a PROVEN platform to promote your products and bank ALL the cash.

It's what the 6, 7 and 8 figure marketers are doing.
And now you can do it too, EASIER than ever before...


Finally... Anyone Can Sell Digital Products For 100% Profit

WPDigiPro is your all-in-one solution to making life-changing profits from the explosive eLearning industry.


Everything You Need Under One dashboard... For A Fraction Of The Cost Of The Closest Competitor

Create STUNNING niche eStores in minutes - even if you've NEVER built one before.

Make single product sales AND set yourself up for monthly passive income with the built-in membership site features.

Open up MULTIPLE income streams including domain flipping & agency services.

It's Now EASIER Than Ever To Sell Digital Products For Profit. WPDigiPro Does ALL The Hard Work For You!

Compatible with ANY WP Theme - unlike many plugins, WPDigiPro works with all themes right out of the box... no wasted time or money trying to "hack" things together.

EVERYTHING you need to sell ANY kind of digital product under 1 roof:

1) Multiple payment gateways

2) Autoresponder integration

3) Built-in licensing for software sales

4) Sync to your JVZoo seller account in a few clicks

5) Customer management, tracking... and so much more!

Save THOUSANDS in costly tools and HOURS trying to put together your own sales platform... it's all right here and works PERFECTLY!

Full sales funnel support - create high-profit sales funnels in minutes to maximize profits.

Unlimited customers / members - go ahead and PACK your sites full of customers and recurring subscribers - no restrictions and you'll NEVER be asked to pay extra.

QUICKLY Customize Your Store To Fit Your Brand & Style

Change the logo, background color and images. Customize the member's menu to suit your business. Even LOCK DOWN your content so it's ONLY accessible to paying customers!

Unlimited flexibility to sell ANY type of downloadable digital product, including software, WP themes / plugins, eBooks, videos and more.

Point & Click Membership Site Creation - Recurring Income Has NEVER Been Easier!

Keep 100% of the profits from EVERY recurring payment.

Charge members monthly, weekly, yearly or even DAILY.

Secure downloads protect your content so ONLY your members have access.

Perfect For Marketing ANY Type Of Digital Product OR Service. From online training to softwares, videos & membership portals... even showcase your CUSTOM services to clients

One Platform, FIVE Income Streams:


Sell any type of downloadable product you want: your own OR white label and PLR products. If you've got the rights to sell it, you can promote in on your WPDigiPro store!

1) eBooks

2) Software

3) WP Themes

4) Private Label Rights Products

5) Online Training

6) Video

7) WP Plugins

8) White Label Products


Perhaps you're a consultant or freelancer. Now you can position yourself as a leading authority with a stunning website that showcases your services to prospects.

1) Graphic Design

2) Music Composer

3) Animator / Video Creator

4) Photography

5) Advertising Specialist

6) Business Consultant

*Plus with your INCLUDED agency access, you can sell digital product set-up services to a huge market!


Thanks to WPDigiPro's features, you can turn ANY product collection into a recurring income stream.

Define your pricing and billing frequency...
Secure all your content so ONLY members can access...
Build a library of digital assets for REPEAT, passive income...
All with NO restrictions on how many customers or members you have - unlimited scaling and income potential!


Once you build a site that makes regular sales, you have a HIGHLY valuable asset that others will gladly pay you for.

Here's ONE example of a site we sold on Flippa:

We've sold other sites built using WPDigiPro... for $20,001 for $11,000

You can too, and make 4 and 5 figure profits selling sites you build with WPDigiPro!


Access to WPDigiPro INCLUDES agency rights.
Meaning you can create and sell digital product agencies to others..
OR simply charge clients for the initial set up.

The choice is yours, the demand is huge... and this is an EASY and lucrative income stream that takes no experience.

COMPLETE Documentation & Walkthrough Training Videos Included!

EVERYTHING You Need To Profit With Digital Products Is INCLUDED


Give Your Customers More Payment Options To Skyrocket Conversions


Build Targeted Buyer Lists & Make Long Term Profits With Email Marketing

* If your autoresponder isn't listed above - let us know! We regularly add new integrations and if the demand is there, we'll make it happen.

3rd Party SMTP Integration Add-On (Included)

Amazon S3 Cloud Storage Add-On (Included)

EDD Migration Add-On (Included)

WPDigiPro Invoicing Add-On (Included)

JVZoo Add-On (Included)