How to create a website selling WordPress themes


How to create a website selling WordPress themes

If you’re a WordPress developer who is looking for the answer to the very common question How to create a website selling WordPress themes then you’ve come to the right place.

We can answer this better than anyone else as we’ve ourselves launched over a dozen theme shops including,, etc.

We launched these theme shops using WPDigiPro, membership plugin for selling digital downloads.

Step1: Get WPDigiPro: Buy any of the packages which you would like to have here depending on your current/future requirements =>

Good thing is once you buy any package, you get access to all of our Add-on plugins and WPDigiPro theme which comes with 12 demos.

Step 2: Install WPDigiPro Core plugin and its add-ons: Once you complete the purchase, you will get access to your dashboard through an email which our system sends containing your login credentials. Once you’re logged into your WPDigiPro dashboard then first download and Install WPDigiPro core plugin and then download and install all the add-ons which you need. We highly recommend using at least Tickets addon and Amazon s3 addons.

Tickets add-on will help you in managing your client tickets in one place and Amazon s3 will help you in reducing the page loading/bandwidth of your website which will result in better user experience.

Also, don’t forget to install SiteOrigin page builder plugins. You will see recommendation message at the top of your dashboard once you’re done with installing WPDigiPro core plugin. Don’t ignore those plugins. Install all the plugins which we’ve recommended.

Step 3: Configure Settings: Once all the plugins are installed, activate their licenses and then go to settings area and configure your settings like your PayPal API settings, your Autoresponders settings etc.

Step 4: Install WPDigiPro Theme: After all the WPDigiPro plugins are installed, you need to install the WPDigiPro theme. Once installed and activated, activate its license. Then go to its Import settings. A few theme demos are meant exclusively for WordPress theme shops. You can check ThemeShop1, ThemeShop2, ThemeShop3 demos.
You can import any demo as per your choice. Before you import content, please ensure you’ve SiteOrigin page builder plugins installed and activated.

Step 5: Changing content: After the importing of dummy data is done, you need to change the page contents by going to the related pages and the main site settings like the logo, fonts, colors etc by going in the CUSTOMIZE section.

Step 6a: Create a product is WPDigiPro: For selling your theme, you need to create a product in WPDigiPro menu. Once that product is created, you need to add licensing to your theme.

Step 6b:  Adding Licensing to your theme: You can check this code which shows how to add licensing code in WordPress theme  (

Step 6c:  Once you’re done with adding licensing to your theme, upload it as a deliverable in the product created in step 6a. You can add Documentation URL etc in the deliverable section as well.

Once the theme is uploaded, don’t forget to test its update feature. Install the theme on your local PC and then go and change the VERSION fields from 1.0 to 1.0.1 and then see if you see UPDATES for that theme. If you see the updates then it means theme licensing has been perfectly added and if not, then check the product ID etc in the licensing code.

Step 7: Once the theme is added, your pricing is set and other settings are also properly done, make a test purchase and see if the users are getting emails. If not, then you might have issues with SMTP server. In that case, you can use this free plugin.

If you receive the email then go to the download area and download the theme, install it on your local PC and then activate the license to ensure everything is FLAWLESS.

Raise a test ticket from that test account as well so that you can check whether you receive emails once a ticket is raised.

All this process doesn’t take more than 2-3 hours max. We’ve done this ten of times in our own WordPress themes shops hence we’re pretty much confident. We hope you have now got the answer to your question “How to create a website selling WordPress themes

If you face any issues then you can contact our support desk from your dashboard and if you need any customizations or custom designing work then also you can contact our support and our team will get back to you with the best affordable custom quote with fastest possible ETA.

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Have a good day!