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If you want to sell digital products on your WordPress website using WPDigiPro, you need to provide customer support to your buyers who may have questions, issues, or feedback about your products. Customer support is essential for building trust, loyalty, and satisfaction among your customers. However, managing customer support tickets can be challenging and time-consuming if you use external platforms or tools.

WPDigiPro Tickets is an addon that you can install and activate on your WPDigiPro dashboard. It will enable you to manage your customer support tickets directly from your WordPress admin panel. You can view, reply, close, delete, or assign tickets to your team members easily and quickly. You can also customize the ticket settings, such as the ticket status, priority, category, etc. according to your preferences and requirements.

To use WPDigiPro Tickets addon for WPDigiPro, you need to go to your WPDigiPro dashboard and navigate to Settings > Addons > Tickets. There you need to enable the addon and enter your support email address, ticket page URL, ticket form shortcode, etc. You can also choose whether to send email notifications to your customers and team members when a new ticket is created or updated.

Once you have configured the WPDigiPro Tickets addon for WPDigiPro, you can start creating and selling your digital products on your website. You can create products using the WPDigiPro product editor and assign them a price, description, category, etc. You can also upload your deliverable files such as PDFs, ZIPs, etc. and protect them with license keys or encryption. You can also create product variations, offer free trials, launch drip campaigns, etc. using WPDigiPro features.

WPDigiPro Tickets​

When a customer visits your website and wants to contact you for support regarding your digital product, they will see a ticket form on your ticket page that you have created using the WPDigipro Tickets addon shortcode. They can fill out the form with their name, email address, subject, message, product name, etc. and submit it. They will receive an email confirmation with their ticket ID and login details. They can also access their ticket from their user dashboard on your website.

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